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Dortmund TV Tower — Florianturm

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The Dortmund TV Tower called Florianturm, briefly Florian, is the far away visible landmark of Dortmund.

The Florianturm was established in 1959 on the occasion of the Bundesgarten- schau (Federal Garden Show) in the Westfalenpark
(Westphalia Park)
with an exact height of 219.6 meters (720.47ft.). At this time, it was the highest building of Germany.

TV Tower — Florianturm — Dortmund Germany [Photo: Wladyslaw Sojka]
Huuuge TV Tower

The tower was built with from the industrial building admitted construction of the concrete fire-places. On a reinforced concrete tube, with itself up to a height of 129,75 m upward conical tapering diameter and sinking wall thickness, starts a two-storeyed building part in a height of 131m (429ft.). In the basement of this part are marketing areas, and in the upper floor in 138m (451ft.) height a turning restaurant.

Just go up into the height of 142m (466ft.) or 145m (476ft.); there are two viewing platforms that invite you to a view far over the country.

Over the viewing terraces of the Dortmund TV Tower are accommodated the telecommunications equipment and antenna systems of the German Telekom. Terrestrial television is being radiated from here since 1959. At first there was just one floor. As time passed by, a second floor has been added.

In 1996 and 1998, the Florianturm has been reorganized and renewed in accordance with current safety regulations.

Starting from the year 2000 the upper prospect platform accommodated a plant for Bungee jumping. This was shut down however in 2003 after a tragic death. You still can see the bungee platform on the picture.

On September 7th, 2004, an exchange of the antenna system took place. With the help of an Russian helicopter, the new antenna has been put on the Florianturm for the preparation of the DVB tradiant emittance (digital television system). Since that time, Dortmund and the surrounding field is being supplied with the digital television program.

The Dortmund TV Tower has now a height of 208.56m.

Don't become dizzy. wink We now go back down — to the Zoo Park!

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How to get to Dortmund TV Tower

U-Bahn (Underground) U 45, 49
Exit: Westfalenpark
U-Bahn (Underground) U 41, 47
Exit: Märkische Straße
Car / Taxi Car / Taxi
Destination: Florianstraße – Tip: Just follow the TV Tower signs Florianturm
Note: You don't know the above signs? Here is an explanation.
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