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Dortmund Nightlife Goes Until After Midnight

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The Dortmund Nighlife (and Daylife!) is shaped by the city's history, its citizen, and the football that takes place here on a regular basis.

What now follows are a few recommendations as for where to go after sightseeing and during the night. Be aware of that, of course, Dortmund Nightlife is a lot more than my few lines below. wink

Want an idyllic place with FREE view to animals, trees and a lake? Go to the Schlemmergarten (Gormandizing Garden) located within the Westfalenpark. It's an picturesque place with a terrace that offers a beautiful view over the green garden. Particularly families with children feel very well here. The playground for the kids to rave are in range of vision, and the bill of fare are filled with favourable German kitchen stout.

You're more after a disco feeling, good music, and pretty people? Anton's Bierkönig (Anton's Beer King) might be the right address for you. In it you'll really experience the Dortmund Nightlife. Located in the Brückcenter and having its entrance at Bissenkamp 11-13, it takes only a 10 minute Footpath from Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) to get there.

The Limericks Irish Pub is great! They have parties all the time and provide exceptional events to make their customers happy and staying longer. Opening at 5 p.m., they are located near Petrikirche in downtown of Dortmund.

Un Poco Loco is a Spanish restaurant & pub that is quite beautiful and modern, too. They are open until midnight and provide warm food until that time, too. To get there take the U 46 and step out at Saarlandstraße. (It's located in Hohe Straße 91.)

That's the end of my Dortmund City Tour. Now step back to German Cities and pick another city to walk through.

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